Collaborate users can now create risk management templates and apply them when performing risk assessments on the chemicals they add on their projects. If one and the same chemical is used on several different projects, it becomes easier to perform a risk assessment by simply loading a template and editing the details in each step of the module.

Go to the Risk & Safety Management-tab from the menu on the top, and select Risk management templates.

NB! It is only users with Collaborate role Company Admin who can create Risk management templates.

Click on New Template.

Start by choosing Frequency of use and Exposure level.

If you click on the question mark (?) symbol, you will see what the different options mean.

Click on Next step.

You can now choose if the chemical can be eliminated. 

If Yes, the process stops here. Write a comment and click on Finish.

If the process stops here, a new window will appear, and you will have to name the new template. Write the name and click on Save.

If you decide to substitute the chemical, the process will continue further with the next step. Write a comment and click Next step.

You will then go over to Substitution of the chemical.

Click on Start substitution in order to find an alternative product.

Here you have two options:

  1.   Perform a substitution using the company substitution groups. See the following user manuals to find out how to create a chemical substitution group and how to substitute a chemical using the company substitution groups.
  2. Search in goBIM database for a similar product.

If you choose to search for a similar product in our database, choose it from the list with results and click on Compare in order to compare the two (or more) products. 

Select the respective Frequency of use and Exposure level on the alternative product/products. 

Whether you choose to substitute the chemical or not, you will need to write a comment and click Done.

You come back to the main risk management process where you can proceed to select technical measures in order to reduce the risk.

Click on the dropdown menu and select relevant choices. You can also write a comment, but it is not mandatory. Click Next step.

Do the same with organizational measures and click Next step.

You are now asked to choose personal protective equipment. Click on Select personal protective equipment

You will observe that after you choose some of the options, other become inactive. The reason for this is that it is not possible to combine them with the options you have chosen. 

Write a conclusion and click on Done. 

Click on Next step.

You can change the overall status and write a comment explaining why you think the risk is being reduced. Click on Finish

A new window will appear, and you will need to name the new template. Click on Save.

You will be returned to the Risk management templates-page and you will be able to see your new template. You can also edit it, duplicate it or delete it by clicking on the three dots to the right: