The Risk management functionality helps you keep track of the chemical products used on the project. The process is easy to follow and you do not need theoretical knowledge in order to perform the assessment.

Go to your project.

The project dashboard provides information on how many chemicals are not in compliance with the project's chemical requirements, how many of them have been assessed and how many remain. 



Go to Risk management from the menu to the left.

The menu is then expanded and you can choose between chemicals that you have added to the project (My risk management) and chemicals that have been added by your sub-contractors (Sub-contractors risk management). 

  • My risk management

The page provides an overview of all risk assessments you are responsible to perform. 



Click on View risk numbers to get an overview of the hazard statements which the chemical's Safety Data Sheet might contain and their respective risk values.



The template that appears is the basis for calculating the Health risk value (H), the Environmental risk value (M) and the Safety risk value (S), as well as Risk assessment value (RAV) and Risk management value (RMV). All other information comes from the Safety Data Sheet.

Click on the info symbol to get further explanation of the values in the overview.



You can read more about My risk management here.

  • Sub-contractors risk management 

Here you can find an overview of all your subcontractors and the chemicals they have added to the project and are responsible for - how many of them are not compliant to the project requirements, how many of them have already been assessed and how many remain.

You can review the status and send feedback to the respective company by choosing the option from the three dots on the right.

Read more about Sub-contractors risk management here.