Cobuilder Collaborate helps you better control the products used on BREEAM projects. You can easily go through the available products' documentation and decide whether it covers the BREEAM requirements.

Go to a project and click on the BREEAM products icon from the menu to the left:

You get an overview of all products with a product type that belongs to one of the BREEAM groups:

Click on the Not assessed status icon in order to start an assessment of a particular product. Choose Assess:

The next window shows you all relevant BREEAM documents that are available for this product in our database.

Here, you can perform an assessment of the product against Checklist A20 and HEA9/02, as well as make a conclusion by setting an overall BREEAM assessment status.

Even if the product is missing required BREEAM documentation, you will still be able to approve it and leave a comment or attach a document that proves the product is compliant with the BREEAM requirements.

Here is an examplary BREEAM assessment.

Start with BREEAM A20 assessment first.

Proceed with a HEA02 assessment:

Finish with the overall assessment of the product:

You will then be able to track the history of the assessments.

Click on Show history to the right of the assessment you wish to view:

You will see who has performed the assessment and when.

Back in the main BREEAM products overview you will be able to check the assessments' status as well: