Log in with your username and password.

First you need to enter a project ID in order to start delivering to the main contractor’s project.

You can type any number/text you want. It becomes a unique identifier for your project.

You will then be redirected to the project you have been invited to.

Click on Data Requirements.

A list with the product data required by your main contractor will appear.

Add product by clicking on the green Create product-button.

The following window will appear on your screen:

Here you can manually enter product data and documents.

Under the heading Showing properties required by contractor, you will find the Product Data Templates that have been specified through the project filters.

Here you can select the specific product type (e.g. clay/ceramic flue block) and you need to fill out the required information under the section Properties.

Additional information is provided for each field when clicking on the i-symbol.

You can also upload product documentation by clicking on Upload New Document under the Documents-section.

Locate the file on your PC with the help of the browsing option, and then click on the Upload button.

Please fill in the document name and select document type – for example Assembly instructions, Declaration of Performance, etc.

Once you are finished inputting data and uploading documents you have to click on the Save button in order to save all the information in the system.

Click Close in the upper right corner when finished.