Go to your project and select Configure Filters from the menu on the left

The next screen gives you information about the filters applicable on this particular Workplace. Here you have two types of filters: Chemical filters and Construction filters

View your Chemical filters. If you want to make changes, click on the Configure filters-button at the bottom of the page:

The next screen allows you to search, add and delete Hazard statements:

By clicking Next you can review and manage the Risk Phrases, CAS Numbers, Lists and Waste filters

Finish configuring your Chemicals filter by clicking Save

You can proceed with viewing your Construction filters. Click on Construction filters

You can then see the list of all asset types you will be collecting. If you click on the eye-button you will see the list of all the required properties for the respective product types

If you want to make changes or add more product type filters, click on the Configure filters-button

In the following screen you can search for a filter and apply it to your workplace

You can also edit the existing filters by clicking on the pencil-symbol  

Then you can select the properties you need, add them to the list on the right and then to list of properties below by clicking on Add

You are also able to set different values or ranges of values for each property. Finish by clicking Save.

Now you’ve made changes to the product type filter (exterior door in this example).