Cobuilder Autodesk Navis Plugin can be used to link the Cobuilder Product data list with Autodesk Navis Elements. The tool is provided without any licensing requirements, with the exception that the user needs to have an account in Cobuilder Collaborate with added workplaces and products.

1. Download

Download the plugin for Autodesk® Navisworks® here.

To Install this please unzip the 'Cobuilder for Navisworks' folder to a desired location. Then click 2016 for Navisworks 2016,2017 for Navisworks 2017 or 2018 for Navisworks 2018. This will copy the required folder to the relevent Navisworks Plugin directory.

2. Login

2.1. Select “CoBuilder Login” option from CoBuilder tab

2.2. Select login option and input Username and Password from Cobuilder Collaborate

2.3. Select workplace from Cobuilder Collaborate

3. Change workplace

3.1. Select “Change Workplace” button

3.2. Select the new workplace from Cobuilder Collaborate

4. Link Product to Element

4.1. Select one or several elements

4.2. Select “Link Product to Element” button

4.3. Select a product from your project product list

4.4. The properties are added to the selected element

5. Remove Product from Elements

5.1. Select “Remove products from elements” button

5.2. Products are removed

Download the plugin for Autodesk® Navisworks® here.