If you wish to link a product to one or more documents, please go to the Products-tab, press Actions and then View product.

Scroll down until you see five tabs with product information and choose the third one, Documents.

In order to link the product to documents, you can choose either New document or Link Existing.

If you press New document, a new window will pop up.

Browse trough the files on your PC and press Upload in order to add the selected document.

Another windows will pop up where you can fill document information such as name, country, type etc.

Please note that some of the fields are mandatory.

Once you press the Save-button, your file is added to your document's list and is automatically linked to your product.

If you wish to link to an existing document, please press the Link existing-button.

A new window will pop up where you can search among your documents. Please choose one or more documents you wish to link and then press OK.

Then the product will get automatically linked to the document.