Go to goBIM Documents-tab and then press the Add document-button in your right upper corner:

Then simply click on Browse and choose the document or object you wish to add. After you've selected the desired document/object, please press Upload:

Once you press Upload, a new window will pop up. Here you are asked to type all the information regarding the document/object - Name, Country in which the document is going to be Used in and Type are mandatory fields.

Press Save and the document will be added under your Documents list. You can open it by pressing the View-button.

It is possible that a document/object you wish to upload is already available in goBIM.

In this case you will get following error message: Document exists. Edit date is updated.If you want to edit the document you can do it from here.

This link allows you to open the document's detailed view.

If the document/object you wish to upload already exists in our system but is owned by another company, you will be added as a subscriber:

You can upload files in different formats: pdf, doc, CAD etc.