The product list

The product list enables you to see all product data at a glance.


Open the project by clicking view:

and then expand the product list:

The product status

Now you can see all your products and their status:

The product status shows key information about your products 

-  Whether they have assembly instructions 

Eco documents 

 - Harmonized European standards for the product 

Whether they are missing legally required documentation such as Declaration of performance and Safety data sheets  

Whether there are products with properties which do not comply with the rules in your product filters  

Whether you still miss information for properties required for your project 

These warnings will also be shown on your dashboard – the full list of warnings for missing documents and property values is found in the menu  Deviations:

If you want to see the PDS for a product, just click the eye button and select View Product from the dropdown 

Your PDS pops on the screen as well as product photos, classifications according to different systems, linked documents and much more. 

The PDS and product information is translated to multiple languages.