Once you’ have created your workplace, you can start inviting your subcontractors and requesting particular product types from them.

Go to your Workplace:

Click on the Invite company-button:

Type the name of the company you want to invite to your workplace:

If the company is registered in ProductXchange, it will appear in the list below and you will be able to add it:

After clicking Add, you will be able to specify which product types you will be requesting from the invited subcontractor:

You can also set deadlines for the subcontractor for providing you with the products you need:

Click Send.
A copy of your workplace will then be created under My Hierarchy:

In this copy (coBuilder Finland) you will be able to see which products are delivered to your project by this particular subcontractor.

What if your subcontractor is not registered in ProductXchange? You will get the following message when searching for it:

You can invite this company by e-mail. This means that the subcontractor will receive an automatically generated invitation to register in ProductXchange. Once the subcontractor has registered in our system, they will be able to open the data deliverables and start adding data to the project.

Click on Invite Company:

Fill in the company's e-mail and select the product filters you wish to assign. Click Next:

You can also set deadlines the same way as if the company was registered in ProductXchange. Click Next:

Click Send when finished:

The subcontractor will then be invited to register in coBuilderDeliver and once they register, they can view your data requirements and start delivering the requested information to the project.

You can find our FAQs on how to use coBuilderDeliver here.