Go to My Hierarchy and select Create workplace:

Click Next:

Fill in the required data in the next screen:

If you have project admin users who should have access to the new project, you must add them in section Users on Workplace. Start typing the name of your employee and select it from the dropdown-menu. The click Add user:

This way the workplace will show up under My Hierarchy when the project admin user logs in to his account in ProductXchange.

The next two screens allow you to select your predefined filters. This will be done by our experts at coBuilder as soon as you approve the filter they suggested for you, based on the documentation you’ve sent us. Click Next:

Click Next again as the following page is only relevant in Norway and will be removed from UK accounts in due course:

Click Finish. You’re now officially done with creating your project.

Your project is now visible when you go to My Hierarchy and select Workplaces:

It gets also automatically added to your Dashboard: