In order to create your own Product Data Sheet for a specific product, go to the Products tab in goBIM, then click the Add product-button:

Please choose your preferred Classification system from the drop down menu:

Then select a product type:

Now you can proceed with the Product information page – here you can enter information regarding your product. Please note that  Product name, Country of distribution and Manufacturer Product No are mandatory fields.

You can also Upload New or Attach Existing Documents or Photos:

This is where you can also create a Product Data Sheet for the product, using coBuilder's predefined product data templates. 

If you want to deliver data for a certain output, just click the filter in the Uses section: 

Properties are divided in four main sections: Geometric, Operation and Maintenance, Environmental and Performance.

If your product can be tested according to multiple test methods, please choose the one you have applied from the drop down menu:

Now you can start filling the properties by entering the relevant data in the Value field:

If the product is tested according to multiple test methods, you can add them as well by clicking on the plus symbol:


Once you have filled in all necessary data, you can save the information by clicking the Save and Close button: