With Cobuilder Collaborate now you can check the different revisions of a Safety Data Sheet. You can compare the status of the revisions and perform risk assessment based on a certain version.

Go to your project and click on Risk management - My risk management  from the menu to the left.

Column SDS version shows the number of the version which your assessment was based on. For the chemicals which you have not yet performed risk assessment for the column SDS version shows the most recent version of the SDS.

You can also check if there have been registered new versions of the SDS which you have done risk assessment for. New versions are marked with a number which indicates how many new version have come after the risk assessment have been performed:

In the example above you have done a risk assessment for SDS version 2. The system notifies you if there have come new versions and you can choose if you want to do a new assessment based on version 3.

Click directly on Browse SDS versions in the column or select the option from the menu on the right in order to see the different versions:

You can perform risk assessment based on a certain version by clicking on the three dots on the right and selecting Create Risk Management. Click here for instructions on how to create a risk management.

SDS versions are also visible in Chemical list. Select Chemical list from the menu on the left.

Column SDS version shows if there are different revisions of the document. If you click on it you will get an overview over all the available versions as well as their status regarding the chemical requirements.

You will see column Chemical requirement status:

If you click on the Deviation-symbol you will get further details about the status of the chemical.

You can download a certain version by clicking on the three dots to the right and select Download original/compressed SDS: