If you wish to open your product's digital passport, go to the Products tab and click on the product's name.

The product view contains the same information as the Products tab plus the product standard the product is related to and a definition describing the construction object. To open the description of the construction object, click on View more.

Here you have also the option to change the product information by clicking the Edit button.

You can also expire (and activate) the product.

You can also add or edit photos which will be shown on the right side on the screen.

Click on the symbols in the upper right corner if you wish to Upload new photo, Attach existing photo or Remove photo in case there already is one.

The next thing you see are five different tabs with product information: Properties, Classifications, Documents, BIM Files and Components.

The Properties tab contains the product's properties which are defined by the construction object and the product standard. 

To ensure interoperability, your data template is mapped to different classification systems. 

Click on the Classifications tab to view our mapping.

The Documents tab contains all documents you have linked to the product.

Here you can add New document or Link the product to an existing one.

You can also Unlink document or edit document's name, type or country.

The BIM Files tab contains all BIM Objects linked to the product. Here you can Upload BIM Object.

The Components tab shows the product's components, if it consists of several. Here you can Add new or Link existing components