In order to create your own Product Data Sheet for a specific product, go to the Products tab in Cobuilder Supply (prev. goBIM), then click the Create-button:


First you are required to enter product information.
Please note that Country, Product name and Manufacturer product code are mandatory fields.

You can also fill in the product's GTIN number.

Under Product photos you can choose to Upload New Photo or Attach Existing Photo.
If you select to attach an existing one, a list with all your documents is displayed and you can choose the respective document from it.

Then you can proceed with the section Properties. 
Here you are required to choose a Construction object. If the desired Construction object can not be found in the suggested options, you can search for more options in Browse other:

When you have selected a construction object, you can proceed with creating a Product Data Sheet for the product, using Cobuilder's predefined Data templates. 

If the product is tested according to multiple test methods, you can Request new property.

Additional information is provided for each field when hovering with your mouse on the i-symbol:

Moving on to the Documents tab, you can either Upload Document or Attach Existing Document:

By clicking on Upload Document, you can locate the file on your PC with the help of the browsing option. Fill in the document name, select document type and choose the country it will be used in – for example Sealant, Declaration of Performance, Norway etc. Click Save:

Once you are finished inputting data and uploading documents you have to click on the Create product button in order to save all the information in the system:

The product and the Product Data Sheet has been created. It is now visible in the Products list.