Open your project by clicking on it:

Click Invite supplier.

Search for the company by its name. Click Invite:

Here you can check the company details and set data requirements. To do that, click Add requirements:


The next step will allow you to specify which construction objects you will be requesting from the invited subcontractor. You can also set deadlines for the subcontractor for providing you with the products you need. Click Add requirements when finished:

Here you can review and edit the project's requirements. When you are done, you can click Invite to send the invitation:

If the search does not return any results or you cannot find the company you wish to invite among the listed companies, select the option Invite new:

Type in the email address and company number of the company that you wish to invite to your project, add your data requirements and click Invite. The company will then receive an automatically generated invitation to register in Cobuilder Deliver. Once the supplier has registered in our system, they will be able to open the data deliverables and start adding data to the project:

The company is now successfully invited to your project. You can check the status of the invitation. If there is a red cross and a truck symbol, the company has not accepted it yet. You can send a reminder to the invited company (in case the company is already registered for Cobuilder Deliver) or resend the invitation e-mail (in case the company that is being invited has not registered yet):